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Texas Gyro Team

Kelley Van Haitsma

President and Accountable Manager

Experience: 39 years


Founder of TexasGYRO in 2002, Kelley entered the avionics industry in 1985 as a FAA Repair Station bench repair technician before moving to Lockheed Martin in 1989 as an RF Engineer on the F-16 Falcon  aircraft. Kelley was one of the two lead bench technicians for TexasGYRO’s effort in weather radar system repair and developed a keen sense of troubleshooting for a quicker turn on repair, then he was the spearhead in directing the focus to flightline on-wing work. Kelley is the key engineer on most all of our contract work. He holds a pilot’s license with type ratings on King Air, IAI 1124, Citation 50 and Falcon 50 and 900. His knowledge as a repairman and pilot gives TexasGYRO a great advantage in recognizing the root cause of avionics failures and the means to integrate full retrofits in the classic aircraft fleets. 


Kevin Summerlin

Avionics Manager

Experience: 35 years


Kevin is our Avionics Manager who started with TexasGYRO in 2010. A USAF veteran working on the B-1B guidance systems, Kevin started in the industry in 1989 as an avionics line service technician. Over the years Kevin ran several instrument and radio repair stations and co-owned Aurora Avionics in Waco in the 1990s. Kevin’s skill in troubleshooting is one of our best resources, and his long-time experience with retrofits to older turbine aircraft gives our customers a benefit of trust and that it’s done right the first time. Most of our new customers come from aircraft he has managed mods for that are out in the fleet being seen by other owners who come to us for the process that he orchestrates.


Stewart Dimon

General Manager

Experience: 28 years


Stewart started out in ground support equipment market in sales in 1989 and moved into the avionics industry in 1996 working in avionics sales at a repair station, eventually promoted to the installation sales manager where he learned his craft. Joining TexasGYRO in 2004, his first task was sales & marketing and within six months a customer base was well established breaking revenue records. Stewart is the general manager of day-to-day repair station operations and interacts with clientele and FAA inspectors and keeps all the manuals up to date. Stewart takes pride in giving the operator well documented installations. He assists the technical side with certification and tech support and supervises the logistics department.

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