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Contract Services

At Texas Gyro, we bring our extensive experience in avionics and aircraft maintenance to provide reliable contract services. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality results for every client, whether it's through our skilled management staff, our proven track record in recent projects, or our specialized support services.

Management Staff

Our management team brings over 50 years of combined expertise in avionics and aircraft maintenance, serving and supporting prime contractors across a range of programs, including the UC-35. With experience on aircraft like the C-26, C-12, F-16, GOI/MOD, BLUE DEVIL II, B-52, DEA, and Customs & Border Protection, we ensure that your project's needs are met with precision, skill, and dedication. We specialize in managing complex aviation projects, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about the TexasGYRO Team HERE.

Recent History

Our recent subcontracting experience includes:

  • Technical consultation support with DARPA

  • Engineering and installation support for ATK

  • Harness fabrication, component assembly & harness installation for MAV6

  • Test and certification support to L3 Vertex, 

  • Complete avionics upgrade and STC/AFMS/ICA development for the Air Tractor AT-802U “Longsword” platform in the USAF OA-X Light Attack Trials for L3 PID 

  • Engineering support and test equipment manufacturing for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Contract Support

We provide a comprehensive range of contract support services to meet your specific project requirements, including:

  • Project Management: Oversight from planning to execution to ensure seamless project delivery.

  • STC Development: Support in developing and securing Supplemental Type Certificates.

  • Engineering Support: Expert assistance in design, modification, and certification processes.

  • Structural Fabrication: Precision fabrication of aircraft structures to meet your specifications.

  • Harness Assembly & Installation: Custom design, assembly, and installation of harnesses.

  • Test Equipment assembly and Manufacturing.

  • Consulting Services: Tailored advice to help streamline operations and maintain compliance.

  • Equipment Sales & Service: Access to high-quality equipment and ongoing service support.

  • Certification Support: Guidance and expertise to help achieve necessary certifications.

We’re here to support you through every stage of your aviation project, providing unparalleled expertise and the high standard of service Texas Gyro is known for. Reach out today to learn how our team can support your next project.

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